What is Cloud Data Protection? DBaaS Security

In today’s economy, decisions are driven by data and every organization needs to be sure their data is protected no matter it lives.

Regulations and privacy laws define you as responsible for data governance and compliance. Data needs to be secured from both inside and external threats to protect your customers’ data, intellectual property, and reputation.

Built-in database and data lakes controls are important starting points, but an enterprise needs to actively monitor data environments to track who is accessing data and what they are doing with it.

Cloud Data Protection

To watch and protect all of your data assets, you need visibility into hundreds of instances across dozens of database types to head of unusual activities before they become incidents.

DBaaS Security is a comprehensive solution built on top of automated database protection, streamlined compliance auditing, and scaled governance procedures to fit your organization’s needs.

Your security policies automatically block or alert each activity according to your environment's needs.

Cloud Data Protection should maintain detailed records of all user activities, including privileged user actions so nothing goes undetected.

We identify sensitive data, continually assess vulnerabilities, and highlight malicious activity from compromised user accounts.

For enterprise visibility across private cloud and hybrid environments, DBaaS provides you tools to ensure compliance, manage risk and keep your critical data protected.